Trailers. Promos. Editing. All in one place.

Hello Everyone, Welcome to my online video folio! A graduate in Graphic Design and Motion Graphic Design, I have a strong background in a range of film and tv practices and working today as a Trailer/Promo Producer. I personally put together this website to showcase some of my previous work and accomplishments, I like to keep my work in one place and here it is. Within this video folio you will find trailers, promos and contact information. Please take a look around and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or whatever.

Besides design and motion graphic, my major interests are film and music. I used to make visuals in a Stockholm based visual artist group called Funfair Visual Artists currently performing at clubs and music gatherings. I also enjoy writing, reading books, and socializing with friends and family. I try to workout regularly and like to travel, watch movies and play video games, it helps me to broaden my mind and inspire me with new ideas. Besides that, I enjoy surfing the Internet, browsing tutorials and learning new skills.

Thats a little about me, thank you for stopping by, Kenna GrĂ¼nn